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Flora and the Peacocks Book

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Molly Idle

If you’re already a fan of Molly Idle’s other popular children’s picture books, Flora and the Penguin and Flora and the Flamingo, then you’re in for a treat with the brand new Flora and the Peacocks. It’s part wordless picture book, part lift-the-flap interactive book, and all parts wonderful.

Here, Flora is back with a pair of marvelous peacocks, as you may have guessed from the title. She tries to dance with them, mimic them, play with them…but it’s not quite as easy as she thinks. Three can be a crowd, as we’ve learned — and I’d imagine even young children have started to learn those lessons themselves on threesome playdates or if they have two older siblings.

That’s why I love the opportunity this book presents for parents and sitters to talk about problem-solving, teamwork, and the important truth that when one person in a group is happy, the rest of the group is more likely to be happy too.