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Moulin Roty Floor Chalk


Floor chalk – Moulin Roty


Recommended age: 3 years + (Not suitable for children under 3 years – possible choking hazard)

This lovely set of coloured floor chalk from Moulin Roty comes neatly presented in a cardboard cylinder for easy storage. The set contains 12 sticks of thick coloured chalk (six different colours are included).  The chalk is thick enough for a child to grasp and draw with on the footpath or concrete outside your house, or even indoors on a blackboard or piece of dark coloured paper or cardboard.

Playing with chalk can help to develop fine-motor skills such as holding and grasping. It also stimulates your child’s imagination and improves visual skills.

Floor chalk is very versatile and there are dozens of way your children can use it in their games and activities outdoors. Here are just a few ideas:

– hopscotch –

– body outline trace – you can have your children lie down and trace the shape of their body with the chalk. Then they can colour in the features of their face and clothes.

– stencils – buy or make interesting stencils and have your children place the stencil on the ground and colour in the shapes.

– trace shapes – your children can trace shapes around common outdoor objects such as buckets, hoses, chairs, boxes, etc.

– box out and snail hopscotch – these great games are a lot of fun and great for encouraging your children to get active outdoors. 

The variety of games and activities that your children can play with floor chalk are endless. They will find it so satisfying to draw on the footpath or concrete outside, and if you are worried about the mess you can always wash the chalk away with water.

Size:  Chalk sticks are 10 cm long  The storage cylinder is 10 cm diameter x 14 cm high

Designed by Moulin Roty, France

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