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Pet Lamp
PET Lamp is a project that mixes the reuse of PET plastic bottles with selected traditional weaving techniques from different corners of the world in order to create unique handmade lampshades.  This initiative was founded by the designer Alvaro Catalán de Ocón after the first experience in the Colombian Amazon in 2011. Currently it is produced and distributed by the edition brand of his studio, ACdO.
Concept The issue

A growing quantity of plastic waste is invading every corner of the planet. In many places there aren’t adequate resources for the collection and recycling of this waste and in tropical zones this problem is accentuated in a very particular way. The tropical rains wash the PET plastic bottles into the rivers which in turn wash them out to the sea. Once there, the bottles float on the ocean currents.
Despite the size of this problem no country has taken responsibility yet.